Toro Armchair


by Luigi Caccia Dominioni

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Designed for the Monticello country club on the outskirts of Milan, the Toro sofa and armchair can be admired from every angle and confidently take up centre stage.

Why Toro - bull in Italian? Because you can literally "take it by the horns" thanks to the metal frame emerging through the padding. The seat arms terminate in handles that allow you to move and rotate the furniture with consummate ease. The Milanese country club guests used to configure and reconfigure the seating as required, moving them closer together to converse or further apart for peace and quiet. These bulls are docile and easy to handle. More like Sitting Bull, the legendary Sioux leader who features in so many films and Italian cartoon strips from the 60s and 70s when Toro was first designed. Or perhaps Caccia Dominioni was thinking of Taurus, the sign of the zodiac? The easy-going, gentle and yet decisive nature of these creations makes this interpretation just as likely. With their rounded, inviting and well-upholstered shapes, the sofa and armchair can be complemented to perfection by a comfortable and simple footrest. This is all about relaxation and dialogue, a 1960s classic that - like every prize bull - doesn’t age or ever go out of fashion.

Product Type Armchair
Brand Azucena
Designer Luigi Caccia Dominioni
Year of Design 1973
Country of Origin Italy

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Toro Armchair


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