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Miniatures Collection 2


by Vitra Design Museum

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The Miniatures Collection of the Vitra Design Museum covers the most important pieces from the international history of design from 1850 up to the present. The construction, materials and colours of the miniatures correspond precisely to the historical original. Extensive development work was carried out to adapt the manufacturing techniques to the requirements of miniaturization. Because they are so true to the originals, the miniatures are not only collector’s objects for furniture enthusiasts, but also serve as ideal illustrative material for universities and design schools. At present, the collection encompasses 80 models on a 1:6 scale with further pieces being continually added. The models come in their own wooden box and are accompanied by a descriptive brochure with details on the design. Net proceeds from the sale of the miniatures go towards the exhibitions and workshops of Vitra Design Museum.

Product Type Accessories
Brand Vitra
Designer Vitra Design Museum
Country of Origin Switzerland
: Tulip Chair - Saarinen, 1956 8.5w x 9d x 13.5h cm
: Lounge Chair & Ottoman - Eames, 1956 14w x 14d x 13.5h cm
: Marshmallow Sofa - Nelson, 1956 22w x 13.5d x 13h cm
: Mezzadro - Castiglioni, 1957 8w x 9d x 8.5h cm
: Aluminium Chair - Eames, 1958 10w x 10d x 14h cm
: Heart-shaped Cone Chair - Panton, 1959 14w x 12.5d x 13h cm
: Panton Chairs (set of 5) - Panton, 1959/60 8.5w x 8.5d x 14h cm
: Stool (model A) - Eames, 1960 5.5w x 5.5d x 6.5h cm
: Stool (model B) - Eames, 1960 5.5w x 5.5d x 6.5h cm
: Stool (model C) - Eames, 1960 5.5w x 5.5d x 6.5h cm
: Y-Chair - Wegner, 1960 8.5w x 9.5d x 12.5h cm
: 3-benet Skalstol - Wegner, 1963 15.5w x 13d x 12h cm
: Karuselli - Kukkapuro, 1964/65 14w x 16.5d x 15.5h cm
: Ball Chair - Aarnio, 1965 19w x 17.5d x 21h cm
: Ribbon Chair - Paulin, 1966 17w x 12d x 13h cm
: Selene - Magistretti, 1968 8w x 8.5d x 12.5h cm
: Garden Egg - Ghyczy, 1968 12w x 14d x 7.5h cm
: La Mamma - Pesce, 1969 19w x 23d x 15h cm
: Bocca - Studio 65 , 1970 35.5w x 13.5d x 14.5h cm
: Wiggle Side Chair - Gehry, 1972 6.5w x 9.5d x 14.5h cm
: Greene Street Chair - Pesce, 1985 8w x 7.5d x 15.5h cm
: Little Beaver - Gehry, 1986 14.5w x 15d x 14.5h cm
: Well Tempered Chair - Arad, 1986 15.5w x 14.5d x 13h cm
: How High The Moon - Kuramata, 1986 15.5w x 14d x 11h cm
: Big Easy - Arad, 1988 21.5w x 13d x 17h cm
: Favela - Campana, 1991 11.5w x 10.5d x 12.5h cm
: .02 - Van Severen, 1992 6.5w x 9.5d x 13h cm
: Knotted Chair - Wanders, 1996 8.5w x 10d x 11.5h cm
: Tom Vac Chair - Arad, 1999 10.5w x 10d x 13h cm
: Vegetal (set of 3) Brick - Bouroullec, 2008 10.1w x 9.6d x 13.5h cm
: Vegetal (set of 3) Forest - Bouroullec, 2008 10.1w x 9.6d x 13.5h cm
: Womb Chair & Ottoman - Saarinen, 1948 15.8w x 14.5d x 15.2h cm
: Laminated Chair - Jalk, 1963 10.5w x 11.7d x 12.5h cm
: Lockheed Lounge - Newson, 1986 10.5w x 27.5d x 14.7h cm

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Miniatures Collection 2


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