The son of Javanese princess and diplomat father, Indonesian Jaya Ibrahim is one of the world’s most acclaimed and celebrated interior designers with a distinctive visual style and unique approach.

Raised in Singapore and educated in the UK- where he assisted world-renowned actress cum interior designer Anouska Hempel - he returned to Asia in the I990s and set up Jaya &Associates. The company later became Jaya International Design with business partner Bruce M. Goldstein.

Ibrahim’s reputation for designing luxurious Asian-inspired interiors has continued to flourish over the past two decades, which is further enhanced by his meticulous attention to details that embrace culture, geography and social surroundings. His projects span the globe from Milan to Oman, including The Shaitzy Chen Flagship store in Shanghai, The Capella in Singapore, The Nam Hai in Hoi An and the Amanfayun in Hangzhou’s Aman Resort just to name a few.

Having created some of the most-inspiring and iconic destinations in the world, Ibrahim is listed by Architectural Digest as one of the “100 best designers in the world” as well as referred to as “Indonesian Design Guru” by Conde Nast Traveler magazine.

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