After training as a graphic designer and living in the US, in 1966 Ingo Maurer returned to Germany to concentrate on lighting design. In Munich he founded his own company specialising in lighting production and concepts. Influenced by Pop Art, which he had encountered in America, Maurer's first lighting design, Bulb, was produced in 1966 and took the form of an oversized light bulb of chrome-plated metal and handblown glass. It was not long before Ingo Maurer became famous worldwide with his innovative designs for lighting. The naked light bulb figures prominently in Ingo Maurer's designs: his tribute to Thomas Alva Edison, the inventor of the light bulb. Two of Maurer's most recognisable pieces are the pendent lamp Porca Miseria, made of smashed crockery suspended around the source of light on wires, and the Zettel'z chandelier designed in 1998, a lamp made with scraps of Japanese paper fastened on wires and featuring poems or drawings.

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