Imbuto Floor Lamp


by Luigi Caccia Dominioni

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The name Imbuto (funnel) gives away the provenance of this lamp yet there is precious little funnel left. The lamp comprises a metal, cone-shaped lampshade atop a slender stem diffusing a generous halo of light.

The fact that the lamp was originally going to be called "flute" perfectly illustrates how Luigi Caccia Dominioni found inspiration in the everyday and the exotic. The humble funnel meets a sophisticated glass flute, a kitchen implement used for water sits beside a wine or champagne glass, the one functional the other distinctive, one made of plastic or metal and the other of crystal: in Caccia Dominioni's world the everyday and the exceptional are harmoniously interwoven. As functional as it is minimalist, the Imbuto lamp is solid and sufficiently pure in form to blend into or stand out in a room, be it traditionally furnished or contemporary in style. Whether its function is to illuminate or create ambience and whatever the size of the room, Imbuto is a byword for discretion.

Product Type Floor Lamp
Brand Azucena
Designer Luigi Caccia Dominioni
Year of Design 1953
Country of Origin Italy

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Imbuto Floor Lamp


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