Husk-Sofa by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia
Husk Sofa

B&B Italia

by Patricia Urquiola

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Husk Sofa, a great family born of different armchair versions, stepped into the bedroom with the bed. Husk-Sofa is not a sofa with the soft part placed on a base but is, instead, softness turned into a sofa. It is composed from a series of structural cushions, not only in the seat but also in the back and armrests that are the same height and stand out for their particular flexibility. You do not sit on Husk-Sofa but you step into it, into a warm embrace, without losing contact with your surroundings. Although the armrest and the back are decidedly high, they are not so high as to prevent the gaze from roaming. Protective and hospitable without creating isolating barriers, Husk-Sofa was born with the calling of the single piece that has no intention of being developed into a system, despite not having an elite nature. The sofa has only one depth that is rather deep (cm 102) and two lengths (cm 225 and cm 261), which are differentiated by the single cushion in the shorter version or divided into two portions, both for the back and for the seat, in the longer version. It has supports finished in copper or a bronzed nickel painted finish with throw pillows to enhance comfort.

Product Type Sofa
Brand B&B Italia
Designer Patricia Urquiola
Year of Design 2014
Country of Origin Italy
: Sofa 225w x 102d x 87h cm seat height 45 cm
: Sofa 261w x 102d x 87h cm seat height 45 cm

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Husk Sofa


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