Fascia Specchiata Coffee Table


by Luigi Caccia Dominioni

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Luigi Caccia Dominioni loved curves, seeing in them the essence of all things beautiful, and acknowledged how we incorporate them. He used to say "man moves in a series of twists and turns like water flowing down a river".

What’s more: "This tendency in humans lies at the heart of architectural form". He adopted this concept in his architectural designs as well as in objects of which Fascia Specchiata is a perfect example. The base if made up of two sheets of curved metal that interlock to create a pure architectural shape. Close up they remind you of Richard Serra's powerful Land Art sculptures that were so popular in the 70s. A harmonious balance of art and nature are conjured up in the table’s fluid, river like movement, so typical of Caccia Dominioni's work. The oval, glass top is ringed by a generous, mirrored band that offers a marvellous play of light. Close up you can even catch a glimpse of yourself reflected back in this elegant, horizontal mirror.

Product Type Coffee Table
Brand Azucena
Designer Luigi Caccia Dominioni
Year of Design 1970
Country of Origin Italy

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Fascia Specchiata Coffee Table


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