Alvar Aalto was born in 1898 in Kuortane, Finland and studied architecture in Helsinki Institute of Technology (later Helsinki University of Technology and now part of the Aalto University), graduating in 1921. He then set up his first architectural practice in Jyväskylä. Together with his wife Aino Marsio, also an architect, he became familiar with the latest trends in Modernism through their journeys to Europe.

Aalto is known for his organic modernist style and progressive approach. In 1935, Artek was formed to promote the growing production and sales of Aalto furniture. The design of his furniture combined practicality and aesthetics with series production, following the main Artek idea of encouraging a more beautiful everyday life in the home by synthesising with art.
Aalto’s projects range from the design of public buildings and urban master plans within Finland as well as both private and public buildings beyond the country.

Perhaps the most famous of Aalto’s designs would be the Savoy vase (manufactured by Iittala) and the Stool 60 by Artek.

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