A Life Individual

Every home is special and one of the joys of our business is being invited into our client's homes. It is always fascinating to see how each person's home is a reflection of their individual style.

We want to share some of these special moments with you in our latest campaign, A Life Individual.

We believe that our clients are all individuals, a diverse collection of people, each with their own unique sense of style. What connects them is the desire to surround themselves with beautiful objects and pieces of design.

For this campaign seven of our long standing clients, many of whom we have known throughout our 20 years in business, have generously invited us into their homes to share with you a snapshot of their real lives. This campaign is not staged or set up with highly stylised furniture or props. It is real people in real homes.

Celebrated New York photographer Adrian Gaut was invited to visit our clients in their homes. Having worked with clients such as The New York Times magazine, Wallpaper*, Case da Abitare, Elle, Vogue, GQ, and Monocle, Adrian understood what we were looking for. His brief was to capture our clients in their personal living spaces through natural, portrait photography.

One of Australia's leading stylists, Megan Morton helped bring these images to life, while remaining committed to the integrity of the campaign as a true reflection of our clients homes.

Each image tells a story about who our clients are, how they like to live and how their collection of furniture has helped them to create and define their personal unique space.

The result is a wonderful collection real life, unique and inspiring interiors which burst with the energy and personality of each of our clients. 

We invite you take a look behind the scenes at the campaign and view our clients stories.

Thank to our clients David and Rebecca, Shannon and Hamish, Heilam, Nicole, Trevor and Sarah for their time and support and for sharing their beautiful homes with all of us.

Thanks to our team


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