Akari Light Sculptures Suspension Lamp by Isamu Noguchi for Vitra
Akari Light Sculptures


by Isamu Noguchi

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In 1951, American/Japanese artist and designer Isamu Noguchi started to design the Akari Light Sculptures, a total of over 100 hand-made Shoji-paper models for table lights, standard lamps or ceiling luminaires. For the name of this lighting series he chose the word "akari", the Japanese terms for brightness and light, and also lightness. Collection Vitra Design Museum.
Product Type Suspension Lamp
Brand Vitra
Designer Isamu Noguchi
Year of Design 1951
Country of Origin Switzerland
651 Akari 26A 45w x 45d x 25h cm
652 Akari 45A Diam 45 cm
653 Akari 45X 43w x 43d x 43h cm
654 Akari 55D 55w x 55d x 52h cm
655 Akari 55A Diam 55 cm
656 Akari 50EN 50w x 50d x 25h cm
657 Akari 23A 32w x 32d x 70h cm
658 Akari 21A 65w x 65d x 28h cm
659 Akari 70EN 70w x 70d x 33h cm
660 Akari J1 25w x 25d x 188h cm
661 Akari 33N 47w x 47d x 160h cm
662 Akari 75D 74w x 74d x 69h cm
663 Akari 15A 88w x 88d x 33h cm
664 Akari 75A Diam 75 cm
: Akari B 46w x 46d x 235h cm
: Akari E 48w x 48d x 295h cm
: Akari 120A Diam 120 cm

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Akari Light Sculptures


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